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Oprah's Angel Network, the charity that encouraged people to help those in need around the world, is closing down.

The Angel Network website reads: “As of May 24, 2010, Oprah’s Angel Network will no longer be accepting donations. The Angel Network is also ending its grant-making program.”

The decision was taken as a result of the next year’s wrapping up of Oprah's popular television show from which Angel stems, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. After “nearly 150,000 donors have collectively given more than $80 million to our public charity since it began in 1998,” that have benefitted organizations in over 30 countries, the Angel Network will distribute the last of its funds over the next months.

But not to worry: “Oprah remains deeply committed to philanthropy, and her new cable network – OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network – will continue to highlight charitable organizations in conjunction with its programming in the years ahead.”

OWN, which launches January 1, 2011, will broadcast 24/7 with a focus on self discovery, and is currently looking for public input on the direction/s the show should take. How the philanthropic side of OWN develops should also be interesting to watch.

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