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Caring for 50,000 people and delivering more than 100,000 medical supplies to Haiti in response to the January 12 earthquake, there’s nothing Sean Penn can’t do as the co-founder of the J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO).

“There’s something that takes over and it’s really an obligation because you see the strength of the people who have never experienced comfort, and the gifts that can give to people like myself and to our country and culture. You see the enormous gaps,” said Penn on “The Early Show.”

Penn, who has testified to Congress about the importance of taking action to rebuild Haiti, surely isn’t afraid of the dirty work, as he “dug trenches, hauled sacks of food, and delivered medicine,” reports The Independent.

Petionville, or its informal moniker, Camp Penn, has 70 volunteers and has achieved more than just providing clinics, supplies, schools, and water stations the Haitians so dearly need. Camp Penn has become the poster village of hope, thanks to Sean Penn and J/P HRO.

“There are no gangs roaming the streets. There are plenty of hospitals, so people have proper access to doctors. Children have at least four schools to choose from. You go to other places, and the earthquake victims are just existing. Here, they are thriving. There’s a real sense of community,” said Florian Blaser to The Independent.

BEAT THE RAIN is J/P HRO’s latest campaign, designed to protect the homeless Haitians from the climatic adversities to come. Ways people can help is to donate to raise money for permanent housing, send a tent, plastic sheeting, or tarps, and most importantly, advocate as quickly and effectively as possible.

Those who wish to follow in the footsteps of Penn can look to volunteer opportunities, donating, or simply mass-emailing friends.

It has been nearly seven months since the disaster and J/P HRO has brought 42 orphans to the United States, distributed 9,000 water filters, served 2,000 meals a day, and with the guidance of Sean Penn, will continue to thrive and look towards a brighter future.

To learn more about J/P HRO, click here.

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