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Posing with naked men wasn’t the last surprise Betty White pulled out of her bag for charity lately. In a collaboration with California-based brand Jerry Leigh Apparel, the “Hot in Cleveland” star is launching a line of T-shirts and hoodies, with part of the proceeds going to the Morris Animal Foundation.

The line is definitely not shy about having Betty White as its representative; White’s face and name are plastered on the apparel in artsy, colorful variations filled with wit, such as the Long Live the Queen Hoodie, with White as the queen, of course.

The hoodies, priced at $48 with tees at $28, even have built-in earbuds disguised as drawstrings, which are completely washable. Designer Jerry Leigh’s signature earbuds-in-hoodies originated when working with HB3 Technology, creating the label InSound.

“With Betty White’s star continuing to be on the rise, she was a natural fit for Jerry Leigh Apparel, as we pride ourselves on offering the most cutting edge developments in the apparel industry,” Leigh tells AOL.

White is a longtime advocate of the Morris Animal Foundation and has supported the organization for over 30 years, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award in February of this year.

Hoodies and T-shirts can be purchased here.

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