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For his 64th birthday, former US president Bill Clinton has posted his birthday wish on, a website created as a platform to help people raise money for their favorite charities.

Clinton’s wish is to raise money through donations made to his Clinton Foundation for a lengthy list of programs aimed at: reducing malnutrition of Colombian students by 10 percent, providing tools to 20,000 Malawian farmers, supporting small business in underserved US communities, creating healthier environments in 10,000 US schools, reducing lighting energy use by up to 70 percent in major cities, and to generally improve lives around the world.

“When I left office, I had truly been blessed with an improbably wonderful life,” he posted on his wish page, “and I wanted to spend the rest of it doing whatever I could to help empower other people – in America and around the world – to live their dreams. I started the Clinton Foundation with a commitment to find real solutions to big challenges and to do it with government, business, and nongovernmental partners faster, cheaper, and better than any one sector could do it alone.”

The Clinton Foundation has its own list – of co-operative initiatives and successes. Clinton wants his Foundation to accomplish his birthday wish initiatives over the next year.

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