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This year, superstar couple Will and Jada Smith are celebrating their birthdays in dramatic style, by asking everyone to help them provide clean water in developing nations via donations to charity:water.

“This year we are going to do something different, something radical,” said Will, “We are going to donate our birthdays. We found a fantastic charity called ‘charity:water’ and they go around the world in developing countries digging wells.”

Jada’s birthday falls on September 18, while Will’s 42nd birthday falls on September 25. He’s asking all his friends, family and fans to donate $42 dollars, and Jada is asking for people to simply donate what they can.

“What we discovered is that $20.00 provides clean water for one person for twenty years,” said Jada.

The couple is also taking it a step further, as they will take the top three fundraisers with them to Africa to view the wells when they’re built.

“This year we celebrate our birthdays by giving the gift of clean drinking water through charity:water,” write the couple. “Join us. 100% of the money raised goes to digging wells and to clean water projects in developing nations. 100% of our gifts will change the world, one person at a time. And make your next birthday a celebration of your gifts by raising money for clean drinking water too. We’ll take the top three fundraisers with us to Africa to see the wells when they’re built.”

Be part of the birthday challenge here.

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