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Fans of Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker will band together on December 11 for a special Day Of Hope to raise money for the star’s REACH OUT Worldwide charity.

REACH OUT Worldwide was founded by Paul Walker in January 2010 following the earthquake catastrophe in Haiti, with a mission to offer help and hope to people affected by natural disasters. According to the charity: “Based in Santa Barbara, Calif., we are a dedicated network of trained volunteers who act as first responders in the United States and abroad. We strive to bring hope in bleak circumstances by providing aid when it’s needed most, in the first days after a devastating event occurs. Our philosophy is that by making a difference in an individual’s life, to that person, the world has been changed for the better. Our ultimate goal is to send a team to disaster areas within 48 to 72 hours after an event happens.”

Organizers of the Day Of Hope are asking fans of Paul to donate $5 on December 11. Their message is simple: "In the next few weeks, think about all of the holiday shopping you may be doing, the extra trips to the coffee shop for those tasty beverages. Maybe you like to go out drinking with friends and go to restaurants this time of year in anticipation of all kinds of celebrating. Think about saving one of those coffee drinks, appetizers, or alcoholic beverages and taking the money you saved and sending it to Reach Out Worldwide. The economy has been tough for everyone, and we all are very understanding and sympathetic to those struggles. If you can’t afford to donate, there is zero pressure to do so. Our goal with this project was to bless Paul and ROWW. 

“If each person gave just $5, the Facebook total alone could reach over $1,700,000 which could potentially fund 35 of the teams missions to disaster relief areas OR provide opportunities for ROWW to bring on new team members to make their efforts BIGGER.”

To find out more about how you can take part, click here. For more information about ROWW, visit

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