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Pick Withers – the original drummer for Mark Knopfler's Dire Straits – will return to the stage later this month to raise money for a UK charity.

Withers – who played on Dire Straits’ first four albums, including songs such as Sultans of Swing, Romeo and Juliet and Telegraph Road – will join local musicians at The Green Room in Liverpool on January 20 to benefit Highcroft People’s Day Centre for the Disabled.

“This show stemmed out of show that my wife, who is a drama teacher, had put together to raise funds for cancer research,” Pick told the Wirral Globe. "Three of the young people who took part in that will be in the show on January 20.

“It wasn’t all music driven; there were, dancers, actors and comedians taking part too. Out of that we have decided to do this show at the Green Room in Liverpool. It’s brilliant for me, because it’s all about bringing the generations together to share their love of performing. I just want to keep music as live as possible, because it’s the place where people can see, what I think is a dying art.

“People get their amusement, these days, from television and it’s getting increasingly harder to entice people out to remind them of what live music can do.”

For tickets and more information, click here.

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