Ben Stiller is giving away two free tickets to the STILLERSTRONG Help Haiti Event he is hosting in NYC on Friday to the person who raises the most money by midnight tonight.

“Starting February 7th, the person who joins my team and raises the most money by February 9th at 11:59pm eastern will win 2 Free Tickets to the Help Haiti Event in NYC on Friday, February 11th,” Stiller has announced on his fundraising page on Edward Norton's Crowdrise website. "I’m hosting the event which will honor Sean Penn’s relentless efforts to help Haiti. It will also raise money for our foundation and what we are doing in Haiti.

“Inspired by my first visit to Haiti in 2009, I started a unique fundraising campaign called Stillerstrong. Basically, the idea was to rip off Lance Armstrong's wristband campaign for Livestrong, only do it with headbands. Our first campaign resulted in more than $300,000 raised to support the Save the Children School in Cévérine, Haiti. When the January 2010 earthquake hit, we expanded our commitment to Haiti with a broader effort to rebuild schools for children affected by the catastrophe. We launched the “Haitian School Initiative” in partnership with Architecture for Humanity – a non-profit organization that brings design, construction and development services to communities in need.

“The Stiller Foundation and Architecture for Humanity are currently rebuilding four badly damaged schools in the Port-Au-Prince area, which will allow hundreds or even thousands of kids to get back in school as quickly as possible. Schools are an important safe haven for kids in times of crisis and are instrumental in delivering not only education but they’re also essential for delivering healthcare, nutrition and other critical services.

“The more money we raise the more schools we can build. I’m hoping anyone who is looking for a way to help Haiti emerge from this crisis will join us in this effort.

“Donate $10, $25 or $100…any amount will help make a real impact for these kids. Imagine the impact we can have if everyone donates and then gets 10 of their friends to donate too. That’s the goal. That, and to beat Lance Armstrong cycling up the Alp D’Huez.

“Donate any amount to my project and be entered to win a Personally Signed Stillerstrong Headband. I will be giving one away everyday until the 11th. They are super elastic and extremely absorbent. And they look cool.”

To take part, click here.

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