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A bunch of celebrities have joined a campaign in Britain to prevent battery cow dairy farming from coming to the UK.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals – more commonly known as WSPA – has launched Not In My Cuppa, a campaign against the cruel practice of battery dairy farming.

According to the organization: "Nocton Dairies wants to bring intensive battery dairy farming to Britain, where thousands of cows will live in factory conditions instead of on grassy fields.

“If this proposal goes through it would not only have a disastrous effect on the well-being of the animals, but will potentially allow other factory farms in to change British farming and our countryside forever.

“WSPA’s research shows that cows kept in factory farms are likely to suffer lameness, mastitis and an increase in diseases. Lameness is extremely painful and already the single biggest welfare problem for dairy cows affecting an average of 17 per cent of cows at any one time. Lameness is worse amongst cows kept indoors and in Holstein cows, the high yield breed of choice for factory farms. Mastitis, a painful infection of the udder, has also been shown to be more common in cows farmed in intensive systems. Both illnesses are contributing factors for premature culling – i.e. an early death.

“There is a high risk of quick spreading disease such as TB or foot and mouth and the impact is greatly enhanced.”

It’s not something many people want to hear – let alone drink – and a number of celebrities are using their names to help raise awareness of the issue. Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Chrissie Hynde, Twiggy, Miranda Richardson and even the legendary Andrew Sachs have all spoken out against the company’s plans.

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