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Steve Earle has rereleased two of his songs to support protests of public worker unions in Wisconsin and around the US.

The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter has released a special 2-track dig single featuring Harlan Man and The Mountain to benefit the America Votes Labor Unity Fund via

“Unions are a fundamental component of Democracy throughout the free world. All eyes are on Wisconsin,” said Earle.

A message on his website states: "The America Votes Labor Unity Fund is the fiscal agent of the AFL-CIO State Unity Fund, a special account of the AFL-CIO and directed by a broad coalition of national labor organizations to promote fair labor-management relations in the private and public sectors and defend workers and their unions against state legislation, ballot measures and executive orders that are aimed at undermining or destroying organizing and bargaining rights and unemployment standards. In states like Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, Republican legislatures are moving to strip middle class workers of their collective bargaining rights. The America Votes Labor Unity Fund united labor organizations, allied progressive groups and individuals to fight for workers — on the ground and on the airwaves. Contributions help activists campaign in 11 states: Florida, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

“The America Votes Labor Unity Fund accepts donations from labor organizations and individuals who donate on their own behalf.”

Visit to make a donation.

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