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Singer Jessie J is showing a different side to the music world. Her song, ‘Price Tag’, which promotes the idea that doing something you love is worth more than money, is just the start.

Just as ‘Price Tag’ hits out at a culture completely obsessed with material possessions, Jessie has begun hitting out at the ‘perfect celebrity’. The idea that celebrities don’t ‘get spots or diarrhoea before going on stage’ annoys her. She believes that giving children this ‘sugar-coating’ of life will be destructive in the long run. Instead, she hopes to help people and ‘comfort’ them. From growing up in a normal house where her father was a social worker, Jessie has learnt that life isn’t always like the films and she wants to share that.

Not only does Jessie hope to ‘welcome [kids] to the real world’, she also wants to make music that matters. She recently told reporters that ‘ever since [she] was a kid [she had] written poetry and songs to make people think’. Her recent release ’Nobody’s Perfect’, does just that; lyrics such as ‘treat the people I love, like I wanna be loved’ and ’nobody’s perfect’ send out powerful messages to her audience.

Jessie isn’t just concerned with making a difference through music however, she has also recently revealed that she may be chopping off her world-famous locks for charity, following a media blow-up when she changed her famous fringe for a show.

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