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There are a lot of things that Scottish singing duo The Proclaimers would walk 500 miles to do, but taking drugs is not one of them. And the boys highlighted the point at a charity launch on Friday, when they hit out at junkie rockers for influencing children.

Identical twins Craig and Charlie Reid, who formed the duo in 1987 and have recently released their seventh studio album, appeared at the launch of the Lighthouse Foundation's new Hear Us, See Us campaign in Kilmarnock, Scotland, on April 4, and immediately slammed some high profile celebrities for flaunting their drug habits.

“If you are a celebrity and have an addiction, I don’t think you should parade it,” said Craig. “I’m not for these people going on about their drug problems.”

“I’ve noticed drug-taking getting worse throughout our career in music,” added Charlie. “Why? Because they’re more available.”

The Hear Us, See Us campaign has been established to support children exposed to drugs by their addict parents. The organization already works with over 250 youngsters in Scotland, and hopes the new campaign will bring more out of the woodwork.

“This charity is doing something I hadn’t heard of – targeting the children,” said Craig. “It’s a shame there are not more of these across the country.”

“The passion and intelligence shown by the people who work here towards the kids really appealed to us,” added Charlie. “Drugs can become a way of life, and the fallout for the entire family is devastating.”

The duo, whose hits include I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) and I’m On My Way, are also helping a young autistic boy in their home country attend a special therapy in America. The pair are set to play a benefit concert in Dunfermline, Scotland, on July 8 in aid of 8-year-old Ivan McGraw.

Ivan suffers from a rare brain condition and severe learning difficulties, and led a life of silence for the first five years of his life. But a chance encounter with a dolphin whilst on holiday led the boy to start talking, and he has now made astounding progress at a dolphin therapy center in Florida.

“It’s just opened up a whole new world for Ivan,” said his mother, Wendy McGraw. “We’re determined to give our wee boy the best chance in progressing in any way he can. I feel that if I don’t, then I’ve let my son down by not giving him that chance.”

The July concert is expected to be a sell-out, and it is hoped to raise at least $24,000 for Ivan’s treatment.

“We’re delighted to support Ivan’s campaign,” said The Proclaimers. “We urge the whole of Dunfermline to get behind it.”

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