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Simon Cowell has donated £50,000 to a fund for those affected by the U.K. riots this week, joining other stars such as Wayne Rooney, Katherine Jenkins, Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, Dragons Den star Duncan Bannatyne and many others in making financial commitments to reclaiming the streets of Britain.

“What happened has left behind thousands of innocent victims people whose businesses and homes have been attacked.,” said Wayne Rooney. “We all depend on the shops and small businesses in our communities. Its great that the Daily and Sunday Express is doing something to really help those whose livelihoods have suffered. They are people who work really hard for what they have and they deserve everyone’s support and protection. Coleen and I are delighted to open the fund by making the first donation to it.”

The stars have pledged their support to a campaign established by The Daily Express – Reclaim Our Streets – which has also garnered the support of Prime Minister David Cameron, TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp and television chef Antony Worrall Thompson.

“I am the product of not one but two shopkeepers,” said author Frederick Forsyth, who also backs the campaign. "Both mum and dad owned shops. They poured unimaginable amounts of time, trouble, energy and dedication into their businesses so I have massive sympathy for those who have lost so much in the riots. I believe in retribution but more importantly I also believe in restitution.

“Those found guilty of looting should have everything taken from them. If they have a BlackBerry, take it away, sell it and give the money to those who have seen their shops ransacked and their businesses torched.”

“I am fully in favour of this campaign,” adds Antony Worrall Thompson. “I am not a believer in vigilantes but getting behind something like this, getting together to clean up, will show these thugs that they have made a big mistake and the country works as one under times of pressure.”

Find out more about the Reclaim Our Streets Crusade here.

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