Following his charity trip to West Africa, David Arquette has launched a special campaign to raise money for Malaria No More.

David Arquette in Senegal
David Arquette in Senegal

“This year, 40 days before my 40th birthday, I traveled to Senegal in West Africa with Malaria No More to learn about malaria- a preventable and treatable disease that kills a child every 45 seconds. That’s crazy,” writes Arquette on his fundraising page on "Most of malaria’s victims are kids under the age of five in Africa. Reaching that fifth birthday is a major milestone and we can help make sure they do.

“When I think about kids’ birthday gifts, I usually think about bikes and Transformers and pogo sticks. But together, we can give a far more important gift: the gift of growing up.

“I spent five days in Senegal to learn about malaria, experience the culture and meet with some amazing people who are fighting the disease on the ground. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing their stories and my own-including some surprises!-as gifts to you for supporting this wonderful cause.

“And, don’t miss out! From now until September 15th, you can bid on the trip of a lifetime to benefit Malaria No More! Go to to bid on a 5-day, fully inclusive stay at the spectacular Makweti Safari Lodge for two in South Africa, donated by Premier Tours. The trip includes round-trip airfare generously made possible by South African Airways.

“Let’s give more kids the gift of growing up.”

To donate to David’s campaign, click here.

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