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Amy Winehouse, the international musician whose jazz style and stunning voice earned her international acclaim, sadly died recently after years of battling substance abuse and other problems, under the watchful gaze of the media.

Her family are determined, however, not to let her death be in vain; on her birthday, the 14th of September, they set up a charity devoted to helping vulnerable young people. The Amy Winehouse Foundation aims to ‘support charitable activities in both the UK and abroad that provide help for young people, especially those who are in need by reason of ill health, disability, ļ¬nancial disadvantage or addiction.’

Amy had struggled in the public spotlight for years after her smash hit ‘Rehab’ but had always kept going. On the 27th of July, however, she was found dead in her house by friends. It seems important to note that a postmortem toxicology showed there were no substances in her system. Since July, the public have poured praise and love on the singer and her family and her father, Mitch, has said it had been a great help in coping with their grief.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Mitch told the nation that ‘she was a wonderful girl and a wonderful friend’ and how setting up the foundation would be a way of ‘turn[ing] our grief into positive action.’

Amy was clearly loyal to her family and friends, as she showed by helping her god-daughter Dionne Bromfield break into the music business but also had a great deal of love for others. Mitch hopes that this foundation will help people remember Amy positively and help young people who badly need it.

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