October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Miley Cyrus, Get Ur Good On, and Youth Service America are encouraging everyone to take an active role in preventing bullying.

Miley wrote about her experiences being bullied in her autobiography Miles To Go and often speaks out against bullying. There are so many news stories about the effects of bullying on young people; make sure we do not read another story about a young person being physically and mentally abused by their peers.

Join Miley, her friend Emily Osment, and many more to take a stand against bullying! View this list of 10 Ways to Get Ur Good On for anti-bullying:

  • Write a song about bullying, perform it and share the video with friends, family and on GetUrGoodOn.org. Brother-sister duo Michael and Marissa hope their anti-bullying song, The Same, inspires people to treat each other better.
  • Take a stand! Tell friends to stop gossiping about other people and spreading rumors. Do not be afraid to stop verbal bullying.
  • Miley’s good friend and former Hannah Montana co-star, Emily Osment, recently stared in the ABC Family movie Cyberbully. Join her and other ABC Family stars in raising awareness about cyberbullying. Get the Delete Digital Drama badge for Facebook and Twitter and act on it – don’t post negative, mean, or hurtful comments on social media accounts or via email.
  • Love to write? Submit an article to the school newspaper on how students can prevent bullying. Find information on how to get started here.
  • October 12th is Unity Day! Wear orange to raise awareness and show support to end bullying. Ask a teacher to help present this idea to the principal and encourage all students to wear orange too.
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