The Women’s Media Center will host the 2011 Women’s Media Awards on Wednesday evening, November 30, 2011 at Tribeca 360 in New York City. Four-time Emmy Award winning comedian Wanda Sykes will host the Awards which recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to advancing women’s and girls’ visibility and power in media.

The 2011 Women’s Media Awards will honor:

  • Soledad O'Brien, CNN Anchor & Special Correspondent, will receive the Broadcast Journalism Award.
  • Lara Logan, CBS News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent & 60 Minutes Correspondent, will receive the Whole Truth Award.
  • Maggie Wilderotter, Chairman & CEO of Frontier Communications, will receive the Business Media Award.
  • Yanique Richards, Howard University Association of Black Journalists, will receive the Carol Jenkins Young Journalists Award.
  • One of 27 distinguished journalists, bloggers, and tweeters will receive the 2011 Women’s Media Center Social Media Award. Online voting for the nominees is open to the public until November 15 here.

“The Women’s Media Center exists to change the status of women in media,” said Julie Burton, President of the Women’s Media Center. "Because 51 percent of our population is women and only 3% of all clout positions in media are held by women, the Women’s Media Center Awards were created to honor champions for women who use their media platforms to tell the stories, facts, and solutions crucial to all viewers and to advance opportunities for women in media. Because media tells our stories and influences the role of women in every part of society, we are proud to honor these amazing women who set the standard for what media should look like when it gives voice to the female half of the country.

“We honor Soledad O’Brien for her thought-provoking, timely, and inspirational coverage and documentaries that have created meaningful dialogues on crucial race, LGBT, and social equality issues.

“We honor Lara Logan for her courageous reporting about her attack in Tahrir Square, that has broken the code of silence surrounding sexual assaults on female journalists. The breadth and depth of her actions – and the women who saved her – will help other women speak in defense of themselves and their human rights.

“We honor Maggie Wilderotter for breaking the glass ceiling as one of the 3 percent of women in media with clout. Her tremendous success – and Frontier Communications’ success under her leadership – has raised the standard of excellence in media by ensuring the involvement of women in positions of power and decision-making.

“We honor Yanique Richards, of Howard University’s Association of Black Journalists, WHBC News Team, and writer of The Hill Top, with the first annual Carol Jenkins Young Journalist Award for her writing and activism on behalf of girls and young women. When we look at Yanique, we see a tenacious, determined journalist who we believe will make a difference for years to come.

“We honor one of 27 nominated distinguished journalists, bloggers, and tweeters who will receive the 2011 Women’s Media Center Social Media Award. These nominees are on the cutting edge of social media, extraordinarily talented, and we are proud to celebrate them and their work that amplifies women’s voices and concerns.”

To buy tickets or for more information about The Women’s Media Awards and the ongoing work of The Women’s Media Center, go to

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