Stephen Fry is to take part in a live reverse spellathon for charity.

The British broadcaster has thrown his support behind a new spelling app created by Mencap that allows users to raise money for the charity while playing a fantastic game that asks players to spell words backwards.

The online event will be split into three live games – Stephen vs. Primary/Elementary children, Stephen vs. Secondary/Middle/High School students and Stephen vs. Adults – and will consist of players from each category spell backwards as many words as they can in 15 minutes. Anyone who beats Stephen’s score will receive a certificate.

Mencap works with people who suffer from learning disabilities, as well as with their families and carers. They fight to end discrimination and prejudice, and provide a wide range of services.

To qualify for this amazing challenge you simply need to create a Spellathon Bee Profile at, spell 50 words correctly in reverse and raise £15.00 for Mencap before 01/02/2012. Easy!? All successful competitors (who achieve 50 words and £15.00 raised) will be notified by the end of February 2012 and told where and when to log on and compete live against Stephen Fry!

In the challenge you and Stephen will both have 15 minutes to record the longest reverse word run (a row of correct reverse spellings).

25% of all funds raised by the pupils goes to their school; while 100% of sponsorship collected by the adults is donated to the learning disability charity.

Find out more here.

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