Ian Somerhalder is about to celebrate his birthday on December 8 – and he will send you a personal email in return for a donation to his charity!

“I can’t believe it—I’m turning 33!” he blogged recently. "It’s amazing to think that ISF (IS Foundation) is only celebrating its first birthday, still an infant, absorbing all the love and support possible to help it grow into a miraculous change maker. Birthdays offer us a unique opportunity for nostalgia and reflection and since I have the privilege of sharing a birthday so close to ISF’s, I can’t help but admire the depth of connection I feel to the foundation in just this first year. ISF is unbelievably precious to me, but it is not mine, and I definitely don’t run ISF alone—-it truly belongs to all the people who give it a heart beat. Board Members who care and share. Volunteers who provide immense skills and time. Groups who support, act and spread. Supporters who give. The fact that ISF exists with all these people’s passions poured into one collective driving force brings tears to my eyes-literally.

“I am a part of a greater force within ISF, and ISF is priceless to me. It gives me hope and a space to dream, create and define solutions. Within this space, I am constantly teaming up with fascinating people who teach and sometimes unknowingly evolve me as a individual—an individual within a tapestry of empowered and unified voices. People always ask me how involved I am with ISF. I’m so deeply involved, in fact, that I sometimes wake up just after dreaming about ISF. I find myself worrying about how I can support ISF. I think about the ways in which we can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. I read and learn about all the projects going on within the groups. Truly, the mission of ISF centers me and for that I am ever grateful.

“When people ask me what I want for my birthday, the one thing I can think of that means more to me than anything else is the success of ISF. I see, hear and read the potential in all the youth we come into contact with and I don’t want to let them down. No one gives them the credit, or the support their brilliance deserves, and I really want to provide them with whatever they need to become our future. I can’t do that without your help. There are so many cats and dogs who are in serious need of our collective love, and although it seems daunting, our unified giving can become long term solutions for these beautiful furry friends.

“Finding answers to our planetary issues, saving our fellow living beings, and empowering our greatest asset (our youth) is what matters to me most. If you were intending to send me a gift for my birthday, thank you—seriously. It’s incredible that people take time out just for me… but if you are intending to send a gift this year, I beg of you not to. Let’s not add to our accumulated demand on this planet: resources, manufacturing, packaging, shipping…

“If you really are driven to still give, the best birthday present I could possibly imagine receiving is a donation to ISF. Everyone who has it within their hearts to support ISF deserves some respect and love, and the only way I know how to give a little of this to so very many is to try my very best to try to send each and everyone of you a personal email. I want to reach out so I can thank you for your support and learn a little about you to discover how you fit into this remarkable family. I know that seems crazy! But it’s important to me to be able to connect and bond with all of ISF. So while it may take me some time to respond to everyone, I will do my best to try to thank each and everyone of you for sharing whatever you can with ISF.”

To watch a birthday message from Ian and donate to his birthday wish, click here.

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