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Sometimes, if you really believe in a cause and you want some celebrity help, you’ve just got to ask. That’s exactly what Simon McGuinness, a British teenager who recently got a whole lot of star-power behind his mission to raise money for CAFOD, did.

“The response was overwhelming,” said Simon, who contacted over 50 celebrities and asked for signitures and items to sell in an internet auction."I had replies and donations from Dr Who’s David Tennant, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Rowan Atkinson, and even Prime Minister Gordon Brown."

CAFOD – the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development – is a charity that supports communities abroad by helping provide food, water, education and health care, and McGuinness will stop at nothing in his quest to enlist celebrity help for the cause.

“It was just an idea and I didn’t know what sort of response I would receive so I am delighted and surprised to have made such an impact and to find that celebrities do care enough to respond to a boy’s requests,” said the thirteen-year-old. “My next step is to go for the big one, I mean the Queen, but I don’t know whether she is able to do this sort of thing.”

For more information about the auction, visit the CAFOD website.

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