GoodChime!, a new consumer social platform dedicated to leveraging the power of social networking for healthy lifestyles, launched its platform today to bring celebrities and individuals together for health and wellness.

GoodChime!‘s inaugural stars includes a "Who’s Who" of athletes seeking to do social good through social media, and include the L.A. Angels newest superstar, Albert Pujols, as well as tennis legend Andrea Jaeger, basketball great Isiah Thomas, award-winning actress Olympia Dukakis. GoodChime! will be announcing dozens of additional celebrity stars who have joined the social network site over the coming weeks.

GoodChime! leverages celebrities and their brands to engage consumers as active participants in better managing their health and wellness, matching individuals who register on the site at no charge with their favorite sports figures, entertainers, and musicians. Visitors to GoodChime! can follow their champions of health in challenges ranging from training for marathons to losing weight and quitting smoking. GoodChime! celebrities will be raising awareness of a variety of chronic diseases, and others will be promoting healthy lifestyles.

GoodChime! participants will be able to search the social network for their favorite celebrities or for charities, create secure and private Health Logs to track their own progress, and participate in celebrity challenges, like Thomas’s Dirty Dozen challenge to eliminate 12 foods that contain dangerous pesticides, or Dukakis’ gluten-free challenge to help manage diabetes. GoodChime! allows participants to participate in any number of healthy activities right along with their celebrities.

“We’re building an exciting new platform for fans to both follow but more importantly participate with their stars and champions of health,” said Sreedhar Potarazu, Founder of GoodChime!. “I truly believe that celebrities and athletes can have significant impact in engaging people to take a more active role in managing their health.”

“The support in the entertainment, music, and sports industry has been overwhelming,” said Potarazu. “It offers them an opportunity to connect directly with fans while advocating for good healthy lifestyles.”

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