An innovative and inspiring project, which uses money raised from Sport Relief to help change lives, opened its doors to no less than 11 famous faces last week.

The celebrity group consisted of Sport Relief supporters actress Barbara Windsor, actors David Tennant, Tom Ellis and Daniel Rigby, presenters Andy Akinwolere, Lizzie Cundy and Mark Austin, choreographer Arlene Phillips, Model Lara Stone, former England cricket captain Claire Taylor and celebrity psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos. And each of them felt deeply moved after seeing just how Sport Relief cash can change lives.

The London-based project, called Body & Soul, provides crucial facilities and support for people affected by HIV. With over 91,000 people in the UK living with the virus, Sport Relief is supporting the organisation to create a safe haven for people living with HIV and educate the public on the unfair stigma based around the infection.

Young people affected by HIV and AIDS often need support to come to terms with the illness so Body & Soul runs a group for teenagers called ‘Teen Spirit’. The group meets once a week and runs workshops and activities designed to help young people make informed choices about their lives.

The celebrity guests started their visit by hearing some of the stories of teenagers involved in Body & Soul who are living with HIV before seeing the project in action for themselves.

Speaking about his experience, Tom Ellis said “I just met the most inspiring group of young people at a place called body and soul. People who live with HIV and AIDS who love and support each other in a place where the stigma attached to sufferers is lifted and they are allowed to be the beautiful creative souls they are” while Lara Stone described it as “…one of the most inspiring days of my life…”

Source: Sport Relief

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