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Supernatural star Misha Collins plays an angel on TV and performs random angelic acts in the real world.

The actor (known to the CW’s Supernatural fans as Castiel) uses his mega fan base to help support worthy causes. With almost 500,000 twitter followers, Misha holds an impressive online presence and routinely uses that presence to aide earthquake ravaged Haiti.

After a major January 2010 earthquake left Haiti in ruins, Collins took to twitter and implored his followers to help via UNICEF. The response was quick and bountiful. In only a few hours, nearly $30,000 had been raised. Collins quickly grasped the importance of new technology, social media and their positive impact on fan/actor interaction. In 2009 he created his nonprofit

Random Acts, a division of The Art Department, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit based in the United States. Working with volunteers on five continents, Random Acts encourages people of all ages to do good works in the world and is “…poised to conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time.” The organization is a huge success and has raised nearly $500,000 in donations for Haiti.

In June of 2012 Misha will be returning to Haiti with 22 of his twitter followers to help construct new buildings. A past visit to Haiti saw the construction of a dental clinic. For more information on Collins and his organization’s efforts in Haiti, visit

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