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Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy recently lead a march in Washington DC to promote toxin free childhood vaccinations and a slower vaccine schedule.

The couple support the notion that children are receiving too many vaccinations too soon. Additionally, there is a provocative yet growing belief that there is a link between vaccination toxins, including mercury, and a rise in autism and other neurological disorders in children.

Unexplainable by simple genetic reasons or public awareness, the rise in autism is five to seven times higher than the increase of cerebral palsy, mental retardation or epilepsy. In the United States, an estimated one in 150 children has some form of autism. McCarthy, whose son is autistic, feels that the US can and should provide safer vaccines.

Over eight thousand joined the rally to promote its motto: We’re not anti-vaccine, we’re anti-toxin.

In an interview preceding the march with Good Morning America, Carrey said, “We’re not here to destroy the vaccine program. We’re here to lend our voices to the millions of people who are calling for balance and moderation when it comes to the substances we give our children. They’re not bottomless pits that you can endlessly pour these substances into. You have to consider the cumulative effect. And not only that, but the possible interactions. Every other drug has interactions with other drugs and yet they assume that vaccines won’t.”

McCarthy added, “In 1983, the shot schedule was 10, and that’s when autism was one in 10 thousand. Now today, there are 36 shots and autism is one in 150… We really need parents to speak up and say, ‘No I don’t want these toxic ingredients in here and I want to space the schedule out.’ Thirty-six shots is too many.”

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