A new celebrity charity auction is giving you the chance to play golf with Morgan Freeman.

Sharing a tee with Morgan Freeman? It doesn’t get better than that. You’ll be the talk of your country club when you walk through the doors with Oscar and Golden Globe-winning actor Morgan Freeman, one of the most recognizable and loved figures in American cinema! Morgan will join you at your home course for 18-holes with the foursome of your choice, followed by lunch in your clubhouse.

Morgan’s list of accolades are endless. Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, Unforgiven and Seven. Embodying Nelson Mandela in Invictus and reformer principal Joe Clark in Lean on Me. Playing the U.S. President in Deep Impact and God in Bruce Almighty. His Oscar-winning turn in Million Dollar Baby. Morgan Freeman is and always will be in a league of his own.

Your bid will support Plan!t Now, for which Morgan is a co-founder and an impassioned advocate. Make a difference, make memories to last a lifetime and don’t underestimate the value of making small talk with a guy who’s played God!

Founded after the devastating Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada in 2004, PLAN!T NOW provides scholarships to college students severely impacted by severe weather, funds for students to enter fields to find new ways to protect vulnerable coastal regions, creates public education campaigns and assists in rebuilding efforts.

To access the auction, which runs until November 5, visit CharityFolks.com.

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