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Molly Bloom, a Denver East High School graduate lost her leg and half her pelvis in a tragic limousine accident on prom night.

After hearing of the accident in her home town of Boulder, Colorado, Jessica Biel decided to do something to help. Esquire’s “2005 Sexiest Woman Alive!” put herself up for auction at Molly’s fundraiser, Mollypalooza, offering a date to the highest bidder.

Although Biel was unable to attend the event personally, her father attended, and the actress recorded a message asking people to “reach for their wallets for this important cause”. The message was played immediately before a montage of film clips chosen from throughout her career.

Groups of highschoolers who had pooled their funds in an attempt to win the lunch date were quickly disappointed as the bidding flew up into the $20,000 range.

The winning bid came when a man in a conservative jacket and tie called out, “$30,000!”

The man was escorted up onto stage amidst resounding applause from the crowd of supporters. He would only give his first name, John, and said that he is a Senior Vice President at a local gas and oil company.


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