Last week, co-founder of Bright Future International Anthony Melikhov attended a private luncheon hosted by music producer Damon Elliott with former Boxing World Champion now philanthropist Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson and his family have taken on two regional Nevada based organizations as causes to put their time and contributions toward.

Bright Future International welcomes the support of volunteers from around the world. Their vision is that they believe in order to create a better world for our children, people must as individuals, realize that they can benefit themselves most by helping others.

“We hope to make altruism a modern necessity, so more people become interested in participating in selfless acts – where people volunteer and donate their time not because they have to, but simply because they feel compelled to,” says Anthony Melikhov.

Celebrities like Mike Tyson have joined the Bright Future Ambassador (BFA) global worldwide program. Forest Whitaker (Actor), Dionne Warwick (Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist), Damon Elliott (Grammy Award Winning Music Producer) have joined the the Network, which is an alliance of diverse individuals; teachers, mentors, celebrities, philanthropists, who posses virtues that mirror Bright Future’s core values and principles. Participants share in Bright Future’s overarching goal to foster an environment of empathy, love, compassion, and perpetual hope. The program unites individuals regardless of race, sex, creed, and financial status who want to give back to humanity by participating in charitable causes, doing good deeds, volunteering, and working with children so they grow up with the hope of a bright future.

Mike Tyson is focused on children that are homeless primarily in the Las Vegas. “There are over 7000 homeless children in Las Vegas, Nevada,” says Kiki Tyson, Mike Tyson’s wife and executive of his charities. Bright Future International works with organizations worldwide. It connects with established organizations throughout Russia, USA and Africa. Organizations that are non-governmental and governmental. “We have connected with good people who are leaders of organizations and efforts around the world. We put our trust into the people who are the leadership of organizations,” says Anthony Melikhov, Bright Future International.

“During the two hour luncheon the conversation was about Mike’s Broadway show going on the road to 38 cities. Causes for children and the potential of a venture between Bright Future International and Mike Tyson’s charities,” says Richard Victor Mahee. Bright Future and Mike Tyson are preparing a series of events that will also extend into Moscow Russia.


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