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Action star and UNICEF Ambassador Jackie Chan took time out of his hectic schedule to visit with the winner of the 2006 UNEP International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment.

The winner, Lau Tsun Ming (age 9) from China, said: "My "picture “: shows two contrasting scenes of Earth. One is desertified and the other can keep its natural beauty. If people continue to ruin the environment, our surroundings will become dull and nasty.”

As environmental protection is very important to Chan, he was pleased to see that children are also concerned about taking care of the planet.

Children in the U.S. have been brightening Chan’s year with the Build a School for a Dollar Campaign.

In July, Chan toured poverty stricken areas of the Guizhou Province to visit more than a dozen schools built by his Dragon's Heart Charity. During his travels he delivered warm coats and school supplies, led an auction which generated over $125,000, visited a rehabilitation center, and met with business associates to plan future philanthropic missions.

After reading about Jackie’s efforts to help poor children in remote areas of China, many kids wrote to him asking how they could help. Jackie’s Kids Corner shows how kids have started helping by drawing pictures of a school using a dollar bill as the centerpiece.

It costs only $9 a year to send a poor child to school in China.


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