Join the ASPCA's 150 Days of Rescue Campaign

The ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has announced the start of a months-long celebration of its 150th anniversary this April with ASPCA 150: Come to Their Rescue. Celebrity participants include Jason Schwartzman, George Lopez, Adrienne Moore, Julie Bowen, Krysten Ritter, Miles Brown, Beth Behrs, 50 Cent, Jennifer Coolidge, Ke$ha, Martha Stewart, Edie Falco, Nathan Lane, and Keith Stanfield. The soundtrack for the short film is provided by composer and musician Owen Pallett. Watch

Lauren Conrad Wants to Save the Sea Turtles

Fishing gear designed to capture some of our favorite fish is threatening sea turtle survival. In June 2015, Lauren Conrad and Oceana traveled to the Rancho Nuevo Sea Turtle Sanctuary in Mexico where the world’s most endangered species, Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles, come to nest on its beaches. Watch

"Nail Biters" with Sir Richard Branson | WildAid and African Wildlife Foundation

With rhino poaching numbers set to hit another record high in 2015, an all-star team of Chinese celebrities and global wildlife ambassadors led by Sir Richard Branson is speaking out against the sale of rhino horn – by chewing on their own fingernails. Created by WildAid in partnership with African Wildlife Foundation. Watch

James McVey plays with KITTENS!! - The Vamps Takeover

The Vamps' James McVey has a photoshoot for PETA and plays with the cutest kittens!! Watch

Christopher Walken Speaks Up for Wildlife

Actor and Oscar winner Christopher Walken joins The Humane Society of the United States in a PSA about wildlife and our wild neighbors. Whether you have bats in the attic, raccoons in the chimney, or squirrels in the house we have expert advice on solving problems with wildlife-without harming the animals. Watch

Polar Traveler - Ft. Rachel McAdams

A polar bear strolling the streets of a city centre….its only refuge following the devastating effects of Arctic drilling. Rachel McAdams plays the voice of the polar bear in this awe-inspiring video from Greenpeace depicting what that would look like. Watch

Lupita Nyong'o Keynote on WildAid Global Elephant Ambassadorship in Kenya, 6.30.15

Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o has returned to her native Kenya and announced today that she will advocate globally for elephants with international conservation organization WildAid, as well as promote women’s issues, acting and the arts in Kenya. Watch

Ke$ha Says Be Cruelty Free

Ke$ha, pop-singer and song-writer, supports The Humane Society of the United States’s #BeCrueltyFreeUSA campaign to end animal testing of cosmetics. Watch

Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth on board Oceana Ranger

Elsa Pataky and her husband, Chris Hemsworth, spent a day with an expedition being carried out by Oceana to document previously unexplored depths off Malta. It is the first time Oceana ambassador Elsa and her husband have visited the Oceana Ranger. The expedition is part of the LIFE BaĦAR for N2K project. Watch

Lang Lang - Be Ivory Free

Lang Lang says no to ivory with WildAid. Watch


New Video from Animals Asia features stars such as Matt Lucas, Anthony Kiedis, Steve-O, Moby and more. Watch

James Franco Speaks Out for Farm Animals

James Franco talks about why farm animals deserve the same respect and consideration as dogs and cats, and why he supports the work of Farm Sanctuary, a national organization dedicated to protecting farm animals from cruelty and changing the way society views and treats farm animals. Watch

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall launch Travels To My Elephant at Clarence House

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall launched Elephant Family's “Travel to My Elephant” at Clarence House, which aims to support endangered elephants in Asia. The event will see 30 rickshaws race across India in November. The Prince and The Duchess became Joint Presidents of the charity in 2014. Watch

Anjelica Huston for the Protection of Elephants & Rhinos

Actress Anjelica Huston speaks out against wildlife cruelty. Trafficking of wildlife and their parts is responsible for a poaching crisis that is claiming the lives of thousands of our most beloved species — among them elephants and rhinos. Watch

A Tribute to Sam Simon

Sam Simon was a kind and generous soul who respected all animals and loved PETA's work. He helped PETA save dozens of bears, a horse from the race track, an elephant, a camel, pigs, and other animals suffering from isolation, abuse, and pain. Watch

WildAid and the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) Give 40-Story Shout Out to Elephants

As The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) tours China this week, WildAid has a new, larger-than-life PSA running on the world’s largest video screen, seen by millions of people each day on the façade of Citi Tower on the Bund in Shanghai. Watch

Joaquin Phoenix: This Footage Is One of the Worst Things I've Ever Seen

Joaquin Phoenix takes you inside the sickening Chinese dog-leather industry, narrating footage from PETA Asia’s shocking 2014 investigation. Are you brave enough to witness a few moments of the production of dog-leather items, which are sold all over the world? Take action against the cruelty here. Watch

Richard Linklater: 12 Years for 'Boyhood' and 30 Years for Animals

In a playful homage to Boyhood, the award-winning film that he recently wrote and directed, Richard Linklater talks to PETA about animals, the environment, and being a proud vegetarian from Texas. Watch

Jared Leto Becomes WWF Global Ambassador

Academy Award-winning actor, musician and director Jared Leto becomes a WWF Global Ambassador, focusing on the most urgent, pressing issues facing our planet today. Mr. Leto traveled to South Africa in November 2014 with WWF to learn first-hand about the poaching crisis and WWF’s efforts to stop wildlife crime. Watch

Shelter Animals Are 'Howlin' for You'!

The Black Keys share their hit song for a new PETA public service announcement promoting animal adoption. Watch