Homemade Chicken Shawarma As Made By Ben Stiller and Ahmed Badr

Do you ever crave a specific dish from your hometown that your mom/grandma used to make? Ahmed Badr, a writer and former refugee from Iraq, got together with UNHCR Supporter and actor Ben Stiller to recreate his favorite childhood dish and staple of middle eastern cuisine: the chicken shawarma. MOUTH. Watch

2011 US Open: Returning the Love with Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller explains how the top tennis players are reaching out and connecting to the community on and off the court. It’s about returning the love and giving something back! Watch

Stars Unite for Japan's Earthquake Relief Effort (PSA part 1)

Ken Watanabe, Johnny Depp, Ben Stiller, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Legend, Apolo Ohno, Paula Abdul, Maggie Q, Ben Affleck, Rob Marshall, Zac Brown, Sharon Lawrence, Masi Oka, Hideki Matsui, Cillian Murphy, Jonah Hill and other celebrities Unite for Japan. Watch

A Public Service Announcement not approved by AJWS

This AJWS public service announcement, created by uber-producer/director/writer Judd Apatow, shows a funnier, edgier side of global justice and features some big-name stars: Ben Stiller, Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Silverman, Kiefer Sutherland, Patrick Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Susan Sarandon, John Mayer, Tracy Morgan, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Denis Leary, Helen Hunt, Dane Cook and many more. The PSA premiered at AJWS’s 25th anniversary celebration on October 28, 2010. Watch

The Cove PSA - My Friend Is...

Inspired by the Oscar-winning feature documentary THE COVE, stars from film, TV and music band together to help save Japan’s dolphins. Please sign the petition and help us get the word out, www.takepart.com/thecove. Watch

STILLERSTRONG: Ben Responds To How Stillerstrong Will Work To Help The Earthquake Relief Effort

After the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, the STILLERSTRONG project is now changing its efforts to the Haitian School Initiative, in collaboration with Architecture for Humanity. For ways you can help, go to Architecture For Humanity. You can donate toward needed supplies at causecast.org Watch

STILLERSTRONG (part 4): Ben Stiller hires consultants to help make a viral video to Matt Damon

Ben Stiller gets some “help” from a couple of shifty Celebrity Charity Consultants to help make a viral video challenge to Matt Damon to help the build a school in Ceverine, Haiti. See how it turns out… Watch

Lance Responds to Ben Stiller and STILLERSTRONG

You may have seen the recent viral video of Ben Stiller proclaiming a new "unique" campaign called STILLERSTRONG to help build a school in Haiti. While his intentions are golden, his obvious disregard for our brand is astonishing. Lance Armstrong and the LIVESTRONG Board of Directors had an emergency meeting today regarding Stiller’s obvious trademark infringement and shot the following video to share our concerns with you. The video is raw footage and not as professionally produced as Mr. Stiller’s – we have actual work to do. Watch

Ben Stiller gives Owen Wilson a StillerStrong headband

Ben Stiller is selling STILLERSTRONG headbands in order to build a new school in Ceverine, Haiti and help the community there. Watch

Ben Stiller tells Lance Armstrong about Stillerstrong, his "original idea"

Ben Stiller tells Lance Armstrong about his “original” idea to start a charity called STILLERSTRONG in order to help the community of Ceverine, Haiti and build a new school there. Watch