Builds grassroots financial support for community based African projects that are effective in directly helping children.

Launched in December 2006, Direct Change already spends more on programs that help children in Africa than on startup and operational costs.

To increase American grassroots public support for African projects, Direct Change has developed an innovative approach that empowers supporters by providing them with the tools to raise support for the projects of their choice.

Instead of spending donations on a bureaucracy to disperse aid, each project is carried out by efficient partner organizations. All of these organizations are either African-based groups with low overhead costs or American groups that spend 100 percent of funds received from Direct Change on their programs and activities in Africa.

Instead of utilizing high cost fundraising tactics including direct mail, large fundraising events and phone solicitation, Direct Change recruits supporters to raise funds from their own networks. Supporters are provided with online fundraising tools that allow them to launch their own fundraising campaigns. The technical approach is modeled on and designed by the same developers as, the organization that has raised over $16 million in 2006 for political candidates.

While Direct Change has projects operating in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Benin and Ghana, the initial focus of our work has been on rebuilding southern Sudan. John Dau, one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan” featured in the critically-acclaimed film God Grew Tired of Us directs Direct Change’s Sudan Project.


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