Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America

The Flood Sisters are three sisters from New York who were on a mission to save their father’s life. They didn’t want to see their father wait on a "death list’ or have to be on dialysis. They wanted to find the best possible outcome for him.

“Many chronic renal candidates think that there is no hope for them. Our dad felt the same way until we did our research… The three of us knew that there was hope out there, we just had to find it.

We started our foundation so that we can educate people on alternative ways in finding a donor for kidney transplantation. We also hope to bring awareness to our youth through educational seminars about donation. They represent our future and we feel they will be the leaders in advocating living donation.

The focus of our foundation is centered on the idea of the “altruistic donor” or unrelated living donor. We have also created our foundation to help people in obtaining a living donor. It is our philosophy that no one should have to wait for a new life on a “death list” or suffer through dialysis if they don’t have to. The more we bring awareness to people on the benefits of living donation, the less need there will be for a waiting list. There also will be less of a kidney shortage as more people realize that unrelated living donors exist. People need to be educated about this growing issue in health care. Also more hospitals are becoming more open to altruistic living donation as these transplants have a higher success rate than cadavers.

Our story is simple. It is a message that conveys the courage to go beyond the norm and act upon it. It is only through courage, persistence, hope and love that we can start saving lives together!"


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