Natalie Portman Wants Everyone to Treat Animals With Kindness

Natalie Portman, who won an Oscar for her role in Black Swan, stars in a new PETA video spotlighting the legacy of maverick animal advocate Isaac Bashevis Singer, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature 40 years ago this autumn. Watch

Anaïs Gallagher Calls for a Meat-Free Revolution

In this black-and-white ad shot by fashion photographer Chloe Sheppard, Anaïs Gallagher – daughter of Oasis' Noel Gallagher and socialite Meg Mathews – is captured working on handmade protest posters as part of PETA's campaign to encourage people to leave animals off their plates. Watch

Andy Serkis: An 'Apes' Movie With Live Wild Animals Would Be Absurd and Cruel

In a new video interview with PETA, actor Andy Serkis celebrates the computer-generated imagery and performance-mapping that make modern movies like the ‘Apes’ series possible – and cruelty-free. Watch

Celebrities Help These 'Outdoor Dogs' Guilt-Trip Their Neglectful Owners

Actors Tom Hardy, Casey Affleck, Priyanka Chopra, and Edie Falco are among the stars giving voice to local dogs in a new PETA video that encourages people to keep their animal companions indoors. Watch

D.R.A.M. x PETA Team Up To Inspire Fans To Eat More Greens!

D.R.A.M. teams up with PETA to inspire fans to eat their greens! Watch

Soccer Star Christen Press on How Her Rescued Pup 'Changed Everything'

World Cup champion and soccer forward Christen Press can’t imagine her life without her family’s dog, Morena, who was rescued from a recycling center in Oakland, California. Check out their afternoon with PETA! Watch

James McVey plays with KITTENS!! - The Vamps Takeover

The Vamps' James McVey has a photoshoot for PETA and plays with the cutest kittens!! Watch

A Tribute to Sam Simon

Sam Simon was a kind and generous soul who respected all animals and loved PETA's work. He helped PETA save dozens of bears, a horse from the race track, an elephant, a camel, pigs, and other animals suffering from isolation, abuse, and pain. Watch

Richard Linklater: 12 Years for 'Boyhood' and 30 Years for Animals

In a playful homage to Boyhood, the award-winning film that he recently wrote and directed, Richard Linklater talks to PETA about animals, the environment, and being a proud vegetarian from Texas. Watch

Shelter Animals Are 'Howlin' for You'!

The Black Keys share their hit song for a new PETA public service announcement promoting animal adoption. Watch

Tim McIlrath of Rise Against: Animals Don't Choose to Perform

Rise Against vocalist Tim McIlrath chooses to perform every time he takes the stage. Animals held captive in zoos, circuses, and marine parks don’t get to make that choice. Watch

Jason Biggs Loves SeaWorld So Much! He Just Loves It!

Actor Jason Biggs and PETA get specific about how “great” SeaWorld is for killer whales and dolphins! Watch

Phil Neville: Why I Gave Meat the Red Card

Manchester United coach and former England footballer Phil Neville talks about health, happiness and going vegetarian. He shares his distress at the thought of the millions of animals slaughtered every day for food and explains how easy it is to get all the nutrients and protein that he needs from plants — and how much better he feels, physically and mentally, now that his diet is meat-free! Watch

Thank Mayor de Blasio for Working to Free NYC's Carriage Horses

The move to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City has many Big Apple–based celebs, such as Peter Dinklage cheering on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s commitment to ending the cruel and dangerous trade. In a stirring two-minute video for PETA, Dinklage, Wendy Williams, Pink, Lea Michele, Alec Baldwin, Kathy Najimy, and others lend their support to the campaign to get the 200 horses out of traffic and onto farms, where they belong. Watch

Tricia Helfer Says Cats Need Safe Shelter, Too!

You would never dream of opening the front door and letting your small children wander outside unattended. And you wouldn’t allow your dogs to dash out into the street, either. So why should we let our cats roam outdoors unsupervised? See actor Tricia Helfer in an important ad for PETA. Watch

Noah Cyrus Calls For Boycott Of The Circus

Noah Cyrus definitely loves animals. She is instrumental in getting New York to ban horse drawn carriages around the city. Now she is advocating boycotting the circus due to documented evidence by PETA of animal abuse taking place behind the scenes. Check out Noah’s PETA PSA concerning the circus and help support her cause. Watch

Bob Barker: Go Vegetarian to Help Prevent Alzheimer's

See former host of “The Price Is Right” and proud vegetarian Bob Barker in his interview with PETA, in which he explains how giving up meat can keep your mind sharp and help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Watch

Robbie Rogers: Protect Your Entire Family This Fourth of July

See LA Galaxy’s Robbie Rogers stand up for animals in his exclusive public service announcement for PETA. Watch now to learn how you can protect your animals during fireworks displays. Watch

98% Human - PETA and BBDO - Official Video

Oscar winner Adrien Brody narrates a powerful new video for PETA that sheds light onto the turmoil faced by great apes used by the entertainment industry. Watch

Oscar Nominee James Cromwell Warns Against Violence

His character on the upcoming season of American Horror Story may relish violence, but in real life, James Cromwell is committed to ending it. Watch