Reef Relief

Reef Relief is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improve and protect our coral reef ecosystem. Their programs increase community action to protect and sustain coastal resources through community education and direct community stewardship activities. Their goals are to:

  • Increase public awareness of the importance and value of living coral reef ecosystems.
  • Increase scientific understanding and knowledge of living coral reef ecosystems.
  • Strengthen grassroots community-based efforts to protect coral reef ecosystems.
  • Design, develop, and help implement strategies for marine protected areas associated with coral reef ecosystems.
  • Encourage and support eco-tourism as part of sustainable community development that protects and preserves coral reef ecosystems.

How you can help

Members give Reef Relief strength and support in their efforts to preserve and protect coral reef ecosystems. You can join those efforts by becoming a member of Reef Relief at

You can also stay informed about ocean conservation issues and ways that you can help protect coral reefs by joining the Reef Relief online community at


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