Same You

SameYou works to increase the provision of immediate rehabilitation for young adults after leaving hospital and to facilitate innovations in specialist nurse training, fund clinical research and develop evidence for policy change.

Their plans include
Understanding what’s needed

Backing primary research with the Stroke Association UK to understand the recovery needs of young adults after brain injury and stroke.
Acting as a catalyst for change supporting leading neurorehabilitation initiatives
Evidence of the benefits of increased neurorehabilitation

Commissioning research to demonstrate cost advantages delivered by increased investment in neurorehabilitation
Lending their voice to those involved in policy change
A new Advanced Level Practitioner rehabilitation nurse training qualification

Working with the Royal College of Nursing UK , and Spaulding Hospital Boston – USA , to pioneer integrated physical, cognitive and mental health neurorehabilitation nursing care
Facilitating international best practice sharing to help solve patients’ unmet recovery needs
Working with healthcare leaders to see how this training may be made available in the UK and USA, and though Nursing Now to see how this training might be made available across the developing world
Funding new clinical research

Supporting ground-breaking research, contributing to advancements in rehabilitation science
Working with the Spaulding Hospital Boston – USA , the official teaching partner of the Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
Raising funds to sponsor a 2-year research program to uncover the biopsychosocial impact of Acquired Brain Injury on young adults
Our long-term vision

To work with neurorehabilitation leaders to develop a blueprint for a new type of neuro-recovery centre helping people find their way to recovery through emotional and practical support

How you can help

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