Zo's Fund for Life

During the 2001 NBA All-Star Weekend, Mourning launched “Zo’s Fund for Life,” a campaign seeking to raise a minimum of $2 million in funds for research, education, and testing to fight Focal Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a degenerative kidney ailment that Mourning was diagnosed with at the start of the season.

Money raised is earmarked for the following purposes: research for a cure, education for doctors and the general public, testing for early detection and creating a fund for those not able to afford the very expensive medication currently used to treat Focal Glumerulosclerosis.

Zo’s Fund for Life seeks to raise funds from a variety of sources, including NBA players, owners, coaches and corporations. Mourning and his wife, Tracy, had agreed to match a portion of the donations raised dollar-for-dollar.


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