Trace Adkins, award-winning country music star, will compete on behalf of the American Red Cross during Donald Trump's “All Star Celebrity Apprentice” season finale on NBC this coming Sunday night.

Adkins, commended for his superb fundraising skills throughout the season, has been put to the test in the final challenge and the Red Cross is rooting him on.

This past week, Adkins and show competitor, magician Penn Jillette developed custom ice cream flavors for the Walgreens Delish brand. Team Trace developed “Maple Macadamia Mash Up,” based on his favorite candy flavor-maple nut.

Adkins and Jillette will be judged this upcoming Sunday on sales of the ice cream, fund raising and the success of the 60-second promotional video they each created. The new flavors are now available nationwide.

“I came up here to win,” said Adkins and you can help. Visit a Walgreens or a Duane Reade store this week and purchase your own pint of Maple Macadamia Mash Up.

If Adkins wins, $250,000 will be awarded to his charity, the Red Cross. That’s 25,000 meals for disaster victims or 50,000 blankets for people who are in need of comfort and warmth when an emergency strikes.

Tune in to the “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” finale Sunday, May 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET on NBC.


Adkins is a recent addition to the Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet after his family was helped by the organization after a fire.

“Last year I was out of town when my house burned and the Red Cross was there when I couldn’t be there. They looked after the emotional and physical well being of my family after a house fire and I was 2,000 miles away,” said Adkins on the show. “There is no more noble charity in this country than the American Red Cross.”

The Red Cross is honored to be the chosen beneficiary for Adkins’ hard work on All Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Each year, the Red Cross responds to about 70,000 natural and man-made disasters in the U.S., ranging from fires to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hazardous materials spills, transportation accidents and explosions.

People count on the Red Cross to help them in their darkest hour. And with the support of donors, the Red Cross is there to fulfill its humanitarian mission. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of individuals like Trace Adkins, as well as corporations and foundations who support the Red Cross.

Learn more about Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Source: Red Cross

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