Goldie Hawn has commented on Bill Clinton's charity vision in an email sent to supporters of the Clinton Foundation.

“Here’s the thing about President Clinton,” she wrote. Like many of us, he has a vision of a better world – one where babies are born healthy no matter where they live. One where farmers in Malawi earn enough to support their families. One where land is being reforested to support communities and protect the environment. One where everyone has access to affordable, lifesaving medicine.

“What makes President Clinton different is his uncanny ability to bring together people from all walks of life and help them see that a better world isn’t just a nice idea. It’s really, actually achievable.

“Of course, President Clinton can’t do it alone – and that’s why he needs people like me and you! If you’re someone who finds his vision as infectious as I do, please donate to the Clinton Foundation today and get your gift matched, dollar for dollar, before this opportunity ends June 27.

“I may not be an expert on these issues. But I recognize life-changing work when I see it. The bottom line is that Clinton Foundation programs improve lives in measurable, lasting ways.

“If you’re a farmer in Malawi, for example, the size and health of your crop has a huge impact on how much money you can make for your family and whether you can feed your community. The Clinton Foundation is giving farmers the tools to revolutionize their crop yields, from good fertilizer and seeds to training on up-to-date farming techniques. 21,000 farmers have participated already – and they’ve since become five times more profitable.

“That’s 21,000 farmers who can now ensure that their families always have enough to eat, even in times of drought. They can send their children to school. They can really invest in their communities.

“And that’s just one program, in one area. In reality, the Clinton Foundation is improving lives and changing communities all over the world! Isn’t that something you want to be a part of?

“President Clinton is personally matching all gifts that you make between now and June 27.

“Thanks for reading – but most of all, thanks for believing that together we really can change our world.”

To find out more about donating to the Clinton Foundation, click here.

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