Kristin Davis is raising money to buy an anti-poaching helicopter, and she needs your help.

Kristin Davis and Friend
Kristin Davis and Friend

“Right now wild elephants are under attack for their tusks,” she says on her fundraising page. "The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust needs a helicopter, so that they have a quick response team to scare the bejesus out of the poachers! Let’s get them a helicopter!

“I have worked with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for many years. They raise orphaned elephants and reintroduce them back into the wild in Kenya.

“In recent years illegal poaching has reached a crisis level. If poaching continues at the current rate, according to experts all wild elephants will be EXTINCT IN 10 YEARS! We can’t let this happen! The area where the Sheldricks work is as big a small country.

“They need a helicopter to protect this beautiful, natural land and the animals who live there. They have trained Rangers ready. They have vets ready. We just need a way to get them there quickly to save the elephants lives. This is why a helicopter would make such a huge difference!”

As an added incentive, donate at least $26 from 7/1 at 9:00am to 7/7 at 11:59pm ET to be automatically entered for a chance to win a pair of shoes worn in the the movie Sex and the City 2.

“We can’t let the bad guys take the beauty that is nature away from all of us.”

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