Film actress and former MTV China host, Zhu Zhu, (Cloud Atlas; The Man With the Iron Fists) has unveiled a striking new poster in support of Be Cruelty-Free China, the campaign by Humane Society International and Capital Animal Welfare Association to ban cruel animal testing for cosmetics such as lipstick and shampoo.

Zhu Zhu Cries for Animals
Zhu Zhu Cries for Animals

The animal-loving film star, announced this week as a Be Cruelty-Free China Ambassador, joins international celebrities including Sir Paul McCartney and Leona Lewis, in speaking up for cosmetics with compassion on behalf of the global Be Cruelty-Free campaign.

Zhu Zhu’s Be Cruelty-Free photo campaign launched in Beijing, features the actress crying whilst cradling a rabbit, one of the most commonly used animals in cosmetics testing. An estimated 300,000 rabbits, mice and other animals are used in cosmetics testing each year in China. They have chemicals dripped in their eyes, spread on their shaved skin or force fed to them in massive, lethal doses. No pain relief is given.

Zhu Zhu said: “It breaks my heart to know that here in China, gentle animals such as rabbits are still suffering such pain just to test cosmetics. That’s why I’m proud to become a Be Cruelty-Free China Ambassador, to help spread the message of cosmetics with compassion. The Be Cruelty-Free campaign has already achieved so much around the world, with testing bans in Europe, Israel and India and countries such as the United States, Brazil and New Zealand all considering taking action thanks to Be Cruelty-Free campaigning. I want China to join them. Animals don’t need to die for our cosmetics industry.”

The photo, along with a heart-felt personal video message from the star, will appear at selected sites at Beijing metro station in the coming months, as well as be promoted online through China’s burgeoning social media platforms such as Weibo. The campaign was shot on location in Los Angeles by top celebrity photographer Robert Sebree, with make-up artist Paige Padgett using strictly cruelty-free cosmetics on set. Rescued rabbit Blizzard stars alongside Zhu Zhu.

Video: Film Star Zhu Zhu joins Be Cruelty-Free as China Ambassador

Qin Xiaona, president of Capital Animal Welfare Association, a Be Cruelty-Free China partner, said: “Our powerful Be Cruelty-Free China poster shows Zhu Zhu as the face of cosmetics with compassion and we are honoured that she has agreed to be our campaign Ambassador. Cosmetics animal testing is not only cruel, it is also unreliable. These are old-fashioned tests of questionable relevance to people. Modern state-of-the-art science is far better able to assure consumer safety. So ending cosmetics cruelty is good for people as well as animals and we urge China to do so as soon as possible.”

In China testing cosmetics on animals is still required by law. Progress towards the Be Cruelty-Free goal was made last year when the China Food and Drug Administration announced it will phase out some mandatory animal testing for domestically-produced cosmetics from June. Based in Beijing, HSI and CAWA’s team works with Chinese policymakers and regulators to advance the acceptance of non-animal tests and accelerate a move away from animal testing.

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