British singer Joss Stone is currently touring in North Africa, and gave up some of her time to help out at a horse therapy session for disabled children in Morocco.

The soul singer has kicked off her “Total World Tour”, which will see her perform in 200 countries over the next two years. While in Morocco, Stone spent time with the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA), an organization based in the UK that treats hundreds of thousands of donkeys, horses, mules, camels and livestock across Africa and the Middle East every year.

“Before visiting the charity I had no idea just how much people rely on working animals here for their means of earning an income and transport,” said Joss. “There’s a huge need for SPANA’s free vet care, not only to help animals but also to help secure people’s livelihoods, and it’s showed me the real importance of low-tech aid solutions for Africa. I’ve been totally inspired and can’t wait to continue seeing the work of local charities on the rest of the tour.”

Jeremy Hulme, SPANA’s chief executive, said: “We’re so grateful to Joss for visiting SPANA and learning more about the plight of hardworking animals here, as well as for sharing her selfless and caring spirit with our staff and children with disabilities who visit us for equitherapy. We know that she’ll be bringing a lot of joy to the charities she visits over the course of the next two years.”

Stone’s hopes her world tour will bring the “beautiful universal language of music” to every country on Earth.

“A world tour should mean a world tour, no one country is more important than another,” she says. "Yet historically touring is kept to the countries that can be the most profitable for the artist. While the parts of the world that suffer from deprivation, turmoil, famine, inequality and war are offered little succour, if any at all, yet another injustice upon our beleaguered brothers and sisters .

“I believe we should strive to break down the barriers that separate and prevent the human family from being united. We should all use the gifts we have been given to affect some change for the good in our lives however big or small. Everything we do matters!

“I wish to spread goodness and promote unity throughout all countries on earth during this tour. Through this experience I can share new knowledge with those who follow my progress, I hope that this raised awareness will help give voice to the social and humanitarian issues that are faced on a daily basis.

“I believe it will inspire people to know that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. I hope it will remind people that WE ARE ONE FAMILY.”

Find out more about the Joss Stone Total World Tour here.

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