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The Music For Tomorrow Foundation is holding a concert on September 18th at Tulane University to help bring music back to New Orleans. Jude Law will host the event, joined by musician Wynton Marsalis and author Douglas Brinkley.

The concert, held at the university’s Dixon Hal, will feature the Irvin Mayfield Quintet. Mayfield, who lost his father to the hurricane, is the Cultural Ambassador to the City of New Orleans, and has played a critical role in bringing attention to the important role culture plays in the lives of the people and the city.

Music and the arts are recognised as the second largest employment group in New Orleans, and the city lost 90% of its musicians due to Hurricane Katrina.

The goal of the charity and its supporters is to raise one million dollars to invest in grants for displaced musicians and supplement the newly proposed National Jazz Center.

Concert tickets are available at Proceeds go to the National Jazz Center and Musicians in Need.


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