What do you get when you mix brilliant, scientific minds from one of the most innovative companies in the world with the largest not-for-profit organization for youth and social change? A dynamic SMS experience that inspires young people, especially young women to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers and give to local classrooms in need.

Video: Science Sleuth PSA - Keke Palmer

This October, teens across the country will get the chance to put their quick texting fingers and their powerful brains together thanks to the partnership of DoSomething.org and 3M, a global, science-based technology company. Today, 3M and DoSomething.org announce the launch Science Sleuth, a unique text-to-enter experience that encourages young people to use STEM concepts to solve a crime and that also allows them to direct a cash donation from 3Mgives to benefit a DonorsChoose.org classroom in need.

Sixty-six percent of fourth grade girls and 68 percent of fourth grade boys report they like science and math, but by eighth grade, girls are half as interested in these subjects as boys are. However, when they’re shown what engineers actually do, 76 percent of girls become interested in engineering.

This SMS adventure developed by DoSomething.org, with the help of 3M scientists, puts young people in the role of “high-schooler-turned-detective” to catch the thief and recover the mascot using science, technology, math, and innovation. If the detectives make the right decisions, employ the correct scientific methods, and earn enough clues, they’ll catch the thief and find the missing mascot.

For example, participants will receive the following message:

In the hall, the thief posted a ransom note on a Post-it Note (you guess they wore gloves). Do you examine the note using A) forensic science or B) graphoanalytics?

Once participants complete the experience, they will be given the opportunity to choose a DonorsChoose.org classroom in need to receive a grant from 3Mgives and learn more about STEM careers.

SMS is one of the most effective ways to reach young people,” said Naomi Hirabayashi, chief marketing officer at DoSomething.org. “We’re excited to partner with 3M to use SMS as an innovative, educational tool to inspire young women to reach their full potential and help classrooms in need.”

Keke Palmer, actress, singer and host of BET’s “Just Keke” recorded a public service announcement for the campaign to inspire young women to explore opportunities in STEM and help fund classrooms in need.

“I’m honored to be part of a campaign that helps girls succeed,” said Keke Palmer. “There are so many opportunities available for young women when they’re given the access to the right tools.”

“As a science and technology company, 3M understands the importance of developing the next generation of innovators,” said Meredith Crosby, director of 3Mgives. “We have a long history of working with strategic partners to engage with students to increase STEM proficiency in all ages. Our collaboration with DoSomething.org builds on our commitment to share our love of STEM with all young people in fun, relevant and exciting ways.”

To learn more about Science Sleuth, visit DoSomething.org/clue or text CLUE to 38383.

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