Prince Charles, Prince’s Charities Canada and WE Day announced a brand new annual awards program to honour exceptional young Canadians who are taking positive actions both here at home and in the global community.

Video: The Prince of Wales launches The Prince's Youth Service Awards

Together, The Prince’s Youth Service Awards and WE Day will recognize the commitment of a new generation of young leaders passionate about changing the world, and hope to inspire young people across Canada to build a brighter future.

The awards will be for those those who have distinguished themselves through community service and social action. Youth between the ages of five and 18 years old can apply. The Prince’s Youth Service Awards also encourages educators, family and friends to support the applications of young people from their schools or communities who are dedicated to making positive change in the world around them. More information and Award applications are available at:

In spring 2016, Award winners for each category will be selected by a panel of judges made up of notable Canadians including Spencer West, Me to We Motivational Speaker and Free The Children ambassador, Amanda Sherrington, President and CEO of Prince’s Charities Canada; Barry Avrich, Partner, BT/A Advertising, Matthew Corrin, Founder and CEO of Freshii; Mike “Pinball” Clemons; and Maureen Dockendorf, BC Ministry of Education Superintendent of Early Years.

The winner in each category will receive a hand-carved award statue designed personally by His Royal Highness. They will also receive an invitation to participate in a transformative leadership development program and a bursary towards bringing their ideas to life. Winners will be selected in the Spring of 2016 and the categories include:

• WE Are Community Leaders Award: Change can start at home. The recipient of this award is taking positive action in their community.
• WE Are Global Leaders Award: Changing the world is possible: The recipient of this award is taking action on important global issues.
• WE are Social Innovators Award: Changing the world starts when you think outside the box. The recipient of this award uses innovative solutions to tackle social problems.
• WE are Agents of Sustainability Award: Taking charge of our planet’s future is possible. The recipient of this award is dedicated to environmental stewardship and creative solutions to issues facing our environment.

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