Piper Perabo has written a second blog about her recent experiences visiting Syrian refugees in Greece.

“There are two major disconnects in the conversation surrounding today’s refugee crisis,” she wrote on Medium.com. "First of all, I’ve heard people, including respected journalists, refer to the situation in the Middle East and Europe as a “migrant crisis.” Let’s set the record straight: Migrants are people who make a conscious decision to leave their countries to seek a better life elsewhere — to find work, a better education, or higher standard of living. Refugees are forced to leave their homes because of conflict and are therefore protected under international laws put in place after World War II.

“The second disconnect is that people with wildly overblown fears are setting the tone of the debate about this crisis and, as such, are distorting facts. The United States will not recognize persons who have participated in war crimes and violations of humanitarian and human rights law, as refugees. They are specifically excluded from these protection laws.”

To read her full article, click here. To read her first blog, click here.

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