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A video clip by actor Will Smith and world champion boxer Muhammad Ali, which first came out after 9/11 denouncing any correlation between Islam and terrorism, is making a comeback on Facebook following Donald Trump's calls for keeping Muslims out of the USA.

“It was hate, not religion that motivated the horrible acts of September 11th,” says Smith in the video. “Nothing could be more un-American then to respond to mindless hatred with blind vengeance.”

Ali, who has been a Muslim for over 20 years, says Muslims and Islam are against killing and violence. “People recognize me for being a boxer and a man of truth,” says Ali. “I wouldn’t be here representing Islam if it was really like terrorists make it look. I think that all people should know the truth, and come to recognize the truth, because Islam is peace. I’m against killing, murder and the terrorists, and the people doing that in the name of Islam, are wrong, and if I had a chance I would do something about it.”

You can view the video, called “Don’t judge an entire religion by the actions of a few”, here on Facebook.

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