Join Justin Baldoni (Jane The Virgin), Jerry Trainor (iCarly), Megan Park (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and The Landes family – Ali, Matt & Jackie with their family and friends – for the Wendy Walk.

Participants will walk together in the Wendy Walk along Santa Monica Beach. The Wendy Walk was named after and created for Wendy Landes by her three children in order to raise awareness and support for sarcoma – often known as the “orphan disease.”

9 a.m.
Walk begins outside of the Jonathan Beach Club
850 Palisades Beach Club Road, Santa Monica, CA 90403

The Wendy Walk is one of the only organizations funding research for sarcoma. The money raised from the event goes directly to funding international research for sarcoma.

For tickets, click here.

Sponsors: United Talent Agency, The Grove, The Alan B. Slifka Foundation, Kennedy Wilson, Granite Investments, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy,

The Honest Company Sunscreen is the official sunscreen partner.

Community partners in Los Angeles: Dr. Arun Singh and the Sarcoma Oncology center at UCLA, Dr. Chawla at Sarcoma Oncology Center (private clinic), Dr. Forscher at Cedars Sinai, Playlist Yoga, Cycle House, Open Sweat

Wendy Walk is a not for profit organization whose mission is to raise funds and awareness for sarcoma, a cancer of the connective tissues such as nerves, muscles and bones that is currently untreatable. The foundation hosts annual walks in Miami, New York City and Los Angeles as its main fundraising event. Through these walk the foundation has raised over 3.4 million dollars for sarcoma research. Sarcoma is an “orphan” cancer, therefore it depends solely on new research. Incredible progress has been made, largely in part to the work of WENDY WALK and its partner organizations; however, much more remains to be done to find a cure, for all who are afflicted with this disease.

To find out more about the event and this amazing organization, click here.

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