A growing list of local luminaries, including Jason Mraz, Rita Coolidge and Joel Rafael, are urging fellow San Diego County residents to join them in opposing Measure B this November.

“I’m voting No to protect our local agricultural land from being swiftly and wrongfully developed without purpose and proper infrastructure,” said Jason Mraz, Grammy Award-winning musician and Fallbrook resident. “Over-development without a whole-minded approach will devastate the region – economically and environmentally.”

Measure B is a San Diego countywide ballot measure that would allow a deep-pocketed developer to build the ill-conceived Lilac Hills Ranch development in rural northern San Diego County. The proposed development would place more than 1,700 homes on land that is currently zoned for 110 homes. An objective analysis of the measure prepared by San Diego County indicated that the development would contribute significantly to regional traffic, likely leaving taxpayers with a bill of more than $1 Billion to address projected impacts.

Entertainers who are joining efforts to oppose this project are particularly concerned about the environmental impacts associated with Lilac Hills Ranch, which would not need to be mitigated or addressed if the project moves forward through this voter initiative.

“A no vote on Measure B gives San Diego County voters a chance stand up against greedy investors and reckless developers who don’t care about the environment or the better good,” added musician Joel Rafael. “1746 houses in an area zoned for 110 with no supporting infrastructure nearby is wrong.”

Volunteers from the No on B campaign will share information and materials with concertgoers at the upcoming Jackson Browne show at the Balboa Theater on October 24th.

For more information about why Measure B is bad for San Diego County, and how Measure B will contribute to climate change, go to www.saveoursdcountryside.org, Facebook and Twitter.

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