Actress Kristin Davis has just launched a CrowdRise campaign for refugees caught up in the immigration bans imposed by the US government.

The fundraiser – titled Help Save Refugee’s Lives – is raising money for the UN Association for UNHCR.

“As we face unprecedented changes in our national policy towards refugees, we can stand up and help take care of them now,” says Davis. "Right now the UN Refugee Agency is caring for 21 MILLION refugees around the world. Adding to the crisis is a huge decifit in funding for this crisis.

“Tragedy is looming for the millions of people who are depending on UNHCR to give them a roof over their heads , food to eat, and blankets to keep warm. Winter is making the fight to keep the Syrian refugees alive even harder.

“Multiple conflicts in Central Africa are driving hundreds of thousands of people to flee to save the lives of their children. Over half of all refugees are women + children. Let’s show them that we care! Let’s come together to help save their lives in the spirit of love and compassion for our fellow human beings.”

These are innocent people escaping from conflicts. They are not criminals. They are not terrorists. To donate to the cause, click here.

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