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Viewers of the latest season of Dancing With The Stars – won last week by Brooke Burke – may have noticed the contestants wearing special bracelets. These were part of the I’m Tired Of… campaign, an initiative set up to raise money for charities and causes around the world.

Brooke Burke Supports I'm Tired Of..

For only $10, you can buy a bracelet like the ones worn by Burke, Kim Kardashian, Toni Braxton and the other famous faces from Dancing With The Stars, and $5 will be donated to the cause associated with that particular bracelet.

The project was started by Dan Hoffman and Carrie Pollare, a brother and sister who lost their father to heart disease when they were only children. Later in life they watched their step father succumb to melanoma cancer and leukemia, and their mother go through the trauma of dementia.

“There are global issues that touch us all, and make us want to advocate change, things like world hunger, child abuse and animal cruelty,” said Hoffman. “These are causes you want to get behind, because witnessing the devastation, neglect and violence is almost too much to bear.”

The pair launched the I’m Tired Of… bracelet program to do their bit to make the world a better place. Each bracelet is made from recycled rubber from old tires (get it? I’m Tired of…), and the money goes to causes such as cancer, global warming, AIDS, heart disease, hunger, animals, autism, and many more.

The bracelets are available from

Kim Kardashian Supports I'm Tired Of...
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